Infants to Pre-Kindergarten

Three Year Old, Four Year Old & Pre-K Programs

In our Three Year Old, Four Year Old and Pre-K Programs our curriculum is based on the research and resources of the Exceed Preschool Curriculum. Children experience large and small group play along with individual assistance while exploring the areas of Language, Math, Science, Music and Art.

Each week there is a different theme explored some of which include: Nutrition, Spring Animals, Countries around the World, Famous People and Events, Winter Celebrations and many more! Each week, families are given a letter that informs them of what their child will be learning that week and encourages family participation and communication. Ongoing monthly progress reports are completed and reviewed by management each month.

Our Pre-K Program specifically prepares your child for Kindergarten. Our families are guided by the Ready, Set, Go Kindergarten Readiness Program. Our teachers include the following in their lesson plans: phonological awareness, journals, weekly parent & child focus activities, structured group time.